Tentative program

We are still working on the program for our conference but we are already closing in at some topics we want to include. One of the topics is how the implementation of a basic income can be done in the Nordic countries and what challenges we will meet. We will have representatives from all the Nordic countries to tell about the situation in each of the Nordic countries.

The union is central in our countries and we will look into how unions and union leaders perceive basic income, and the future of work. In addition we will have a meeting about the Nordic Model and the road ahead for the Welfare society.

We want to put basic income on the national political agenda before the municipal and county elections in September 2019. Therefore we will invite Norwegian politicians from different party organizations to discuss welfare policies in relation to basic income.

We will also discuss basic income in relation to climate and environmental challenges and social development in the perspective of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We will look at universal basic income as a global development project, with increased focus on human rights, global development and socio-economic security and look at different basic income pilot projects.

We will have discussions about the global welfare system, extreme poverty and the problem with inequality and how to create a fairer distribution of our common resources. We will have a discussion about the future of society and how we can all live better lives with basic income. We will discuss and hopefully include different social movements.

There will be different kind of workshops and cultural events. We want to create a meeting place for different groups to be able to strengthen our networks for future cooperation towards a common vision for a brighter future for us all.