Oslo 2019 – Wellcome Screen

Basic Income: “Visions for a Brighter Future” UBI-Nordic 2019 – Oslo, April 5-7

Borgerlønn BIEN Norway and The Norwegian Student Society are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the next annual Nordic Basic Income Conference, which is to take place at Chateau Neuf in Oslo from the 5th to the 7th April 2019. The conference program will consist of plenary sessions and workshops, featuring both national and international speakers, as well as cultural contributions.  

One of the main purposes of this conference is to enable discussion about how the implementation of a basic income would look like in the Nordic countries. BIEN Norway wants to put this on the national political agenda before the municipal and county elections in September 2019.

In the UN’s Sustainable Goals (SDG) the environment, economy and social development are seen in close relation to each other. Some of these goals focus on eliminating extreme poverty and reduce social inequality. There is increasing consensus that a global welfare system, providing direct cash-payments is the best solution to poverty, inequality and their consequences.

In line with this, and because the Nordic countries already spend a considerable amount of their GDP on developmental aid, we also see universal basic income as a global development project, with increased focus on human rights and socio-economic security.

The conference is open to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on our welfare systems, their development and basic income as an alternative to many of the current support systems. We welcome everyone interested in, or working towards, creating a fairer distribution of our common resources and global development.

The Nordic UBI conference is likely to be the biggest basic income event in Europe in 2019, as the international BIEN congress that year will be held in Hyderabad, India. As such, we encourage all interested organizations and individuals to join us in Oslo in April for three days of knowledge sharing, debate and social events.