Oslo 2019 – Info and Contact

Until 2010, the debate on basic income in Norway has been sporadic, yet present in books and articles. BIEN (Borgerlønn) Norge was established in 2012 and is a politically neutral organization. Its main purpose is to inform about basic income and encourage debate. Our long-term goal is the implementation of basic income in Norway.

As, there currently is little knowledge about basic income in Norway, our primary focus now is to encourage debate, advice interested parties and coordinate information campaigns. The organization is connected to the Basic Income Earth Network and Universal Basic Income Europe.

For press

During the conference there will be reserved a room for press and we will facilitate for interviews with the speakers. For the press there will be free entrance and free lunch / dinner. We appreciate if you inform us in advance to contact@ubi-nordic.org.

Contact person and chair

Anja Askeland

+ 47 90511902
Email: contact@ubi-nordic.org


Øyvind Steensen

+ 47 97698049
Email: contact@ubi-nordic.org


Kristine Endsjø

+ 47 90153814
Email: contact@ubi-nordic.org

Borgerlønn BIEN Norway

Address: Strandgaten 203, 5525 Haugesund