Oslo 2019 – About us

BIEN Norway was founded in September 2012 as a nationwide NGO to inform the people of Norway about basic income, as well as to set basic income on the political agenda, and in that way promote basic income in Norway.

The organization is affiliated with the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), which is the global network for promoting the idea of basic income, the pan-European network Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) and UBI-Nordic, which is a Nordic network.

The Nordic welfare model is known for its progressive social and environmental values ​​and universal policies. The Nordic countries could therefore play a leading role when it comes to social equality and security internationally.

The first Nordic conference was held in Denmark in September 2016, while the other was held in Iceland in August 2017 and the third in Finland in August 2018. Our conference will be held at Chateau Neuf, a huge concrete block to the south of Blindern Campus at the University of Oslo.

Chateau Neuf is the home of The Norwegian Students’ Society and is run by the students. The place has many rooms and spaces and hosts activities and entertainment throughout the year, including concerts, theatre, debates, film screenings and parties.